Exchange students application -Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What documents are required for a student exchange application?
A: Please gather the following documents to complete your application.
  1. Application Form For International Exchange Student
  2. Proof of Financial Support
  3. Two Letters of recommendation
  4. Official School Transcript (compile all into single PDF)
  5. Agreement to Release Liability
  6. Study Plan(including the time period that you plan on fulfilling the curriculum requirements and direction of your study)
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Q2: Regarding the Proof of Financial Support, is it necessary to submit it? What kind of supporting documents should I provide with my own savings??
A: The financial statement is to verify you will have funds available to pay for your living and other expenses during your study at TTU. (Document of financial support with a minimum balance of US$4,000/NT$100,000 for one academic year, or US$2,000/NT$50,000 for one semester)
  For your own savings, please provide your Bank statement / Bank letter with the guidelines below :
  •  Must be dated within the last six months
  • Name of the account holder must be present
  • Amount of money in the account must be listed-OR- the letter must state that the holder has enough money in the account to cover the estimated costs
  • Must be in English, or include a certified English translation
  • Type of currency must be included
*NOTE: Once you are admitted to admission. You are also requested to provide proof of financial support for the visa application process.
Q3: I am a student with limited earnings. I will be fully funded by my parents. Not sure how to fill in the Proof of Financial Support. Could you give me some advice?
A:  If your source of funds will be supported by your parents or legal guardian, please follow the instruction below: 
First, please fill in one of their savings/salary in the blank of “Family member’s savings” or “Family member’s salary”. Then,  ask one of your parents to complete section No.3 of Declaration of Support from Financial Sponsor.
Finally, submit supporting documents (e.g. bank statement) along with the Proof of Financial Support. 
Q4: Is there any single room available in the dormitory?
A: There is no single room in our dorms. TTU dormitory is 4-6 people a room.
Q5: Do you offer scholarships for exchange students?
A: No.
Q6: I do not have a TOEFL certificate, is there any other ways to provide proof of my English proficiency? 
A: Language proficiency test such as TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge ESOL is also acceptable.
Q7: Do I need two different types of recommendations? If so, who should issue the second one? The first one was issued by my university.
A: Yes, the recommendation letter should be provided by two different people. For your reference, some students may ask their program lecture/tutor to assist them in completing the recommendation letter.