Degree students application -Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How to apply for admission?
A: Please follow the procedures below before the deadline to complete your application for TTU admission :
Step1:  Make sure you are eligible to apply as an international student. Applicants must qualify for legal student status in compliance with Article Two of the Ministry of Education's "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan".
Step2: Prepare required documents for admission application. Please refer HERE for further information.
Step3: Fill out the online application form and upload required documents (No hard copy application): Online Application
Q2: May I apply for more than one program?
A: Yes, Applicants can apply for a maximum of two degree programs at the same time. In which case, please upload all application documents twice and specify priority.
Q3: I can not have my highest-level diploma and transcript verified at the time of application, may I still apply for TTU admission?
A: Yes, you may. However, you are required to sign the Deposition for the Submission of Required Documents and provide it along with your unverified highest-level diploma and transcript( A copy of the translation in Chinese or English is necessary if the original diploma is in a language other than Chinese or English). Once you are admitted to TTU, you must submit the authenticated diploma and transcript to TTU before the announced deadline. Students’ admission will be revoked if failing to do so. 
Q4: I am currently a student and will graduate soon, but cannot provide my diploma at the time of application. What should I provide for the certificate?
A: Graduating students must submit the Certificate of Enrollment if they have not received their diploma during the application process. However, if admitted, a notarized diploma must be submitted before the designated deadline, or student’s admission offer will be revoked
*If the original documents are not in English or Chinese, an English or Chinese translation notarized by a Taiwan overseas representative office is also required.
Q5: I am currently an undergraduate student studying at a university in Taiwan. May I transfer to TTU?
A:  For undergraduate students, please check if you have met the qualifications below:
An applicant finishing studying at any university/college in Taiwan for a full academic year without being expelled and meets the "Regulations International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan "issued by the Ministry of Education of R.O.C.
Please refer HERE for detailed information.
Q6: There is no Taiwan representative office in my country. Does the documents have to be authorized?
A: Yes, your diploma and your transcript must be authenticated by a representative office or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Taiwan.  Please visit the  "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" for information on Taiwan Embassies. Contact the representative office which holds the authentication duties for your country.
Q7: Do you offer scholarships for international students? How to apply for the scholarship.
A: Yes, TTU offers scholarships for both undergraduate/graduate programs. Please refer HERE for further details. To be considered, please tick ‘YES, I would like to apply for the scholarship” ' in the scholarship application box during the online application.