Perfect Combination of Theory & Practice

Having grown and developed side by side with Tatung Company, Tatung University, from its very beginning, has the tradition of emphasizing and encouraging practical trainings in addition to theoretical teachings. Students are required not only to test their learned knowledge in the equipped laboratories, but also to apply the theories and sharpen their skills through internships sponsored by Tatung Company or its subsidiaries. Moreover, students are encouraged to apply their general and/or specialized knowledge through active participation in local or international humanitarian/voluntary works. The opportunity to acquire substantial hand-on experience during their schooling enables the TTU graduates to be job-ready immediately following the completion of their studies and to remain highly competitive and successful throughout their career life.

Well-Rounded Education

Aiming to train its students to become experts in their chosen professions, to develop their leadership ability and the ability to work well with others as a team, and to increase their sense of responsibility, TTU has designed a thorough curricula for its students. In addition to the specialized courses, TTU students are required to take courses in different fields and those outside of their own department. Also, to meet the demands of the global economy, students are required to learn English, Japanese, and/or another foreign language.

Leadership Training

In addition to the specialized knowledge and skills, TTU emphasizes on its students' leadership ability. Through frequently participation in various student activities, special occasions, and international events, TTU students are given a great opportunity to develop their sense of honor, of responsibility, of working and to learn to coordinate, to thik independently, creatively, and analytically, and to take initiatives.

Personal Attention to Students

Acknowledging that most skills can be best learned through continuous practice and close supervision, TTU maintains a low faculty-student ratio which, in term, enables professors to constantly supervise each student's performance and develop a close relationship with them. Each TTU student is being supervised by two faculty members who monitor his/her academic and general progress and promptly provide the student with consultation whenever needed. In Addition, in his/her junior year (usually the third year of the undergraduate study), each stdent would be teamed up with a professor who acts as the student's research advisor and provides necessary guidance on research projects and career planning.

High Qualified & Dedicated Faculty

Emphasizing both on teaching and research, TTU faculty members not noly many hours a day in mentoring students, but also actively involve themselves in basic and/or applied researches, international acativities (e.g. international conferences, international joint research projects, exchange of faculties), and paper publications. The great majority of them are doctoral degrees holders and have worked and/or studied abroad. Since many of them came from the business or industrial sectors, they are highly experienced both academically and professionally and are closely connected to industrial and business world.

Extensive Research Experience

TTU encourages its faculty members to publish quality research results in highly recognized international publications. Graduate students follow their advisor to improve their academic and research skills on a daily basis. Most of the faculty members actively participate in independent or joint research projects sponsored by Tatung University, academic and government agencies and constantly attend international and national conferences or seminars.