Aware that having a well educated and talented work force is crucial to the long-term success of a business, Mr. Shan-Chih Lin(林尚志), founder of Tatung Company, donated 80% of his personal assets to an association in 1942 to establish what is now known as Tatung University and Tatung Senior High School. Since then, the univeristy has been the principal stockholder and the think tank of Tatung Company. Formerly known as Tatung Institute of Technology, which was accredited firstly as a two-year college and then as a four-year institute, Tatung University adopted its present name in 1999. Throughout the period of its development, it has been cooperating closely with the company to provide a practical and intellectual lerning environment to engineers, scientists, business/ industrial managers, artists, and experts in many other professional fields.


LIN Lin Her

Dr. Shan-Chih Lin

(Founder of TTU) 

 Dr. Tin-Shin Lin        

(Founding President of TTU)   

   President Ming-guo Her