Industry-academia collaboration plan with Cosmos D&M Co., Ltd.

President Her, Ming-Guo (on the right) and CEO Chang, Tung-Hao.
Industry-Academia Collaboration Project hopes to utilize talents' strengths.
Industry-Academia Collaboration Project hopes to utilize talents' strengths.
      Our university signed a collaboration agreement with Cosmos D&M Co., Ltd. on March 20th. The agreement includes close cooperation in student internships, employment opportunities, and curriculum planning with industry experts. Cosmos D&M Company welcomes students to intern and work with them and promises to offer internship opportunities corresponding to each department.
      Cosmos D&M's Vice Chairman, Chang, Tung-Hao, is an alumnus of our university's Industrial Design Department from the class of 2001. He took over the group's Cosmos Hotel and established a design center, leading the creation of the Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui, Hualien and constantly bringing new perspectives to the industry.
      Returning to his alma mater, Chang, Tung-Hao, along with president Her, Ming-Guo, Vice president Wu, Chih-Fu, and the head of the Industrial Design Department, Chu, Po-Ying, revisited the campus and visited the Formfty 3D printing base and the Makerspace. Seeing all the equipment and comfortable environment, he said he was itching to try it out, saying, "The younger students are so lucky!"
      Regarding prospective college students who have yet to decide on a major, Chang, Tung-Hao said that "design is a choice that won't go wrong" because design is everywhere, and with design thinking, one can excel in any field.
      President Her emphasized that our university aims to develop students' cross-disciplinary abilities and provide opportunities to learn and excel in various industries. The collaboration with Cosmos D&M is a close connection between alumni and our university, hoping that students, the university, and the enterprise can contribute their strengths and benefit from the collaboration.