Awesome College Major - Making Cars Fly

The flying car of  Chen, Kun-Yang and  Lin, Kai-Ze successfully flew
The flying car of Chen, Kun-Yang and Lin, Kai-Ze successfully flew
The spirit of industrial design always surprises people
The spirit of industrial design always surprises people
      “Design is a way of life, and design is about solving problems," says the chair of the Department of Industrial Design, Dr. Chu, Po-Ying. The aim of design education is to cultivate students' "design thinking," "practical skills," and "cross-disciplinary learning," while also emphasizing international exchanges, industry internships, and the 24-hour open Makers pace,which is the "largest and unique" in Taiwan.
      As the first university in Taiwan to establish an industrial design department, Tatung University has kept pace with the pulse of Taiwan's industrial manufacturing and has led the trend of the times. By focusing on the improvement of professional and practical skills, students can unleash their creativity and inject new energy into the product design field. These features are not only the advantages of the department but also important qualities that students need in their future careers.
      The students of the Industrial Design Department have demonstrated their energy and creativity in entrepreneurship, which is a concrete manifestation of the success of design education. One of the examples is the flying car successfully test flown in Dubai in 2020, which was created by alumni Chen, Kun-Yang, Lin, Kai-Ze, and Huang, Yu-Zhen. Additionally, another group of alumni, Tan, Yu-Chen and Li, Ri-Yan, founded a company and showcased their cultural and creative products at the Golden Horse Film Festival. Industrial Design alumni are playing important roles in various industries. No matter how times change, the "Industrial Design spirit" always dazzles people.
      In terms of international exchanges, the Department of Industrial Design has established partnerships with world-renowned universities, providing opportunities for international exchanges. Through overseas exchanges, summer schools, international design competitions, and other activities, students can expand their international horizons and learn about different cultures and design thinking, preparing them for their future careers.
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