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About us

The Department of Applied Foreign Languages, established in 2008, is an academic department in the International College at Tatung University (TTU), which is renowned for its science, engineering, and business education. The Department aims to nurture students to acquire language skills with a special focus on skills applications in professional areas through a variety of courses designed. It also aims to strengthen students' interdisciplinary skills and interpersonal abilities developed upon their awareness of their roles in relation to others, and to help students develop a global view.
Key Objectives for the Students:
(1) To possess the ability to use foreign languages proficiently and professionally.
(2) To possess cross-cultural awareness and the ability to work as a team.
(3) To be socially aware and caring, and to recognize the globe as a whole community.


1. The development of English and Japanese language skills is heavily emphasized.
2. Students are allowed to select courses interdisciplinarily. We encourage, but do not require our students to participate in courses offered by other departments and colleges to enhance their adaptability and versatility.
3. We encourage our students to actively be part of the international community. By taking advantage of our collaboration with our sister schools worldwide, students may participate in both domestic and international exchange programs.
4. AFL is in an industry-government-institution collaboration contract with the local government of Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, Japan. Each year, the Yokote City Government offers a range of international internship opportunities for our students.
5. To strengthen knowledge-action integration to boost students’ competitiveness in terms of employability, AFL invites professionals from the industries to develop jointly the curriculum for the practical courses.

Primary Research Areas

The professional curriculum consists of three main areas:
(1) Foreign Language for Business and Professional Communication
(2) Translation and Interpretation Studies
(3) Foreign Language Teaching.
Students should choose one of the three as the focus to prepare for their future career and continue to strengthen their abilities.

Core Courses

Introduction to Linguistics, English Conversation, English Pronunciation and Oral Practice, Writing in English, Reading in English, Introduction to Literary Works, Aural-oral Training in English, Japanese Grammar and Sentence Patterns, Japanese Conversation.


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