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About us

The Graduate Institute of Design Science offers doctoral degree with the specific goal of increasing the leaders of next generation with ability not only in developing creative, comprehensive, and scientific design of solutions to solving the complex problems, but also creating a better world for human beings.


The Graduate Institute of Design Science is a leading doctoral degree program for highly creative and motivated professionals who wish to conduct rigorous, intensive design research. The Graduate Institute of Design Science research is often multidisciplinary and encompasses a broad range and combination of theoretical, applied and technological topics that represent the cutting edge of applied design investigation.
Research topics are proposed during admission and are decided upon entry into the program. Student research should align with current faculty research interests, allowing for affiliations with faculty and, possibly, the research labs. Applicants are expected to clearly articulate their research topics in the application by submitting a concise and well-structured research proposal.
If you are prepared to embark on a challenging, focused, and meaningful experience, we invite you to explore the possibilities in our PhD Program.

Primary Research Areas

  • Design and Image Communication
  • Ergonomics of Design Cognition
  • Design Strategic and Management
  • Interactive Media and Space Design
  • Technology Integration of Interactive Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Universal Design
  • Service Design and Social Science
  • Service Design and Social Science
  • Design Culture & History
  • Furniture Design and Intelligent
  • Furniture Design and Intelligent

Core Courses

Virtual Reality, Design Image, Perception and Preference Study, Universal Design, Color-design Study, Design Information Management, Cultural Product Creativity, Design Management, Topics on Design Science


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