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About us

Our department was founded in 1973, we aimto equip students with creativity and ability to design which address the needs of people, uncover critical questions and the challenges our society face today.The postgraduate programprovides students to explore the application of industrial design in market-led and societal contexts as well as in research fields.
Tatung’s Industrial design was ranked 4th in the Asia Pacific area and 18th in the world by iF Design Ranking.Our students are regular winners inlocal or global design competitions and has been 4 times winner of “Best of Best” in Red Dot design award.We have strong Alumni and we work in collaboration with industry especially in computer and consumer electronics fields and many more. Our network provides a range of external practitioners as lecturers and mentors to keep up with current industry.


1. Balance between theory and practice: theoretical and practical courses are coordinated into our curriculum and students have the internship opportunity with cooperated industry.
2. Small group teaching and individual guidance: the benefit of interactive teaching would ensure student fully participate in solving design problems and achieve high overall learning outcomes.
3. Diverse fields of learning: The field of professor expertise is broad from product design, interactive design to engineering design. Students can develop distinctive learning directions with their personal interests.
4. Actively promoting international exchanges: Many exchange programs are signed with foreign universities in Japan, Germany, Holland and UK. Overseas design workshops are organized to broaden the global vision of students.
5. Competency-Based Education to meet industry needs: A facility, with software and hardware synchronized with the industry, is constructed to train students in the basic technical skills for the employment in the future.
6. The very first and most operative Makerspace in Taiwan: Students are encouraged to learn by doing.

Primary Research Areas

  • Human Factors
  • Product Form
  • Interaction Design
  • Design Culture
  • Assistive Device Design
  • Design Strategy and Management
  • User-Centered Design
  • Service Design and Social Science
  • Model-Making
  • Circular Ecosystem Design
  • Furniture Design and Intelligent

Core Courses

Visual Presentation, Basic Design, Human Factors, Design Methods, Product Design and Development, Computer-Aided Design, Color Theory, Workshop Practice, Graphic Design, Visual Thinking, Mechanism, Manufacturing Processes, Senior Design Project.
Research Methods, Design of Experiments, Virtual Reality, Design Image, Perception and Preference Study, Universal Design, Color-design Study, Design Information Management, Cultural Product Innovation, Design Management, Thesis.


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