Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology



About us

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology was founded on the basis of pedagogical ideology in nurturing outstanding talents versed in chemical, biological and engineering related theories and knowledge; and in transferring the technologies to industries. We emphasize on scientific reasoning, with engineering technology training on the periphery, to go in parallel with our ideology of quality education in general. We encourage pursuit of careers to better human living and promotion of harmonious relations between human and nature.


  • The department has passed the IEET engineering and technology education certification to train students to become excellent scientists, engineers and industry leaders.
  • In order to improve the quality of higher education, cultivate cross-disciplinary talents, improve employment competitiveness, promote cross-disciplinary courses, and integrate international development trends, through the integration of the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Bioengineering, teachers, courses, equipment.
  • The integration of resources such as space enables the new course to complement each other with professional advantages and become more complete, in order to create new courses of high quality, exquisite and cross-disciplinary features.

Primary Research Areas

Today, our faculty is involved in research programs not only in the traditional chemical engineering fields, but also actively in developing nanotechnology, high-tech materials science, resources and environmental protection, sustainable energy, biomedical engineering, biological information, food, and agriculture and so on.

Core Courses

They include Engineering Mathematics, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Biochemical Engineering. Students may choose a chemical engineering subprogram or biotechnology subprogram. In chemical engineering subprogram, Transport Phenomena and Unit Operation, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, and Chemical Reaction Engineering are included. In biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Food Technology, and Plant Tissue Culture are included. Hands-on experiments are emphasized in all courses.



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