Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering



About us

The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering was established in 2021 and the goal is to provide multidisciplinary program. Students are required to apply hands-on practices to solve real world problem and develop team works and independent study skills. The length scale in these problems are ranging from tens of meter to nanometer. Our academic program provides the highest quality education in the fundamentals and applications of mechanical and materials engineering. This is presented in a unique multidisciplinary setting where students can tailor their education and research to their own specialized interests. Our department has been recognized for the quality of its educational program and research activities by IEET (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan) accreditation since 1996. Equipped with hands-on and teamwork spirit, students prepare themselves for future job market.


  • Hands-on philosophy: the courses emphasize the hands-on philosophy to make things rather than theoretical inquiry about knowledge.
  • Real world problems solving skill: many projects nurture students the capability to solve real world problems.
  • Factory internship: students are encouraged to spend time in factory or company to develop the work ethics which are essential in the future career.
  • Multidisciplinary learning: school provide many multi-disciplinary programs that broaden the views about knowledge.

Primary Research Areas

Energy and Thermo-Fluid Systems:
Bioheat Transfer, Micro-fluidic, Nano-fluidic, Flow in Porous Media, Hydrogen Technology, Fuel Cell, Electronic Cooling.
Control Systems:
Intelligent Control, Intelligent Mechatronics, Computer Vision, Automation System Design, Robotics, Wireless Sensor Network, RFID/SAW, Nature-Inspired Systems, Bio-Inspired Computation.
Design and Manufacturing:
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Ultrasonic Device, Package Mechanics, Fatigue/Fracture Mechanics, Vibration/Acoustics, Metal Cutting, Reverse Engineering, High Power LED, Sensor, Thin Film, Engineering Optimization, CAD/CAE.
Materials Sciences:
Metallic materials, Glass and Ceramics, Composite Materials, Polymer Materials, Electronic Materials, Biomedical Materials and Nanomaterials.
Materials Applications:
Advanced ceramics, High technical polymers, New metals, Biomaterials, Nanomaterials.
high resolution field-emission scanning electronic microscope (FE-SEM), transmission electronic microscope (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), thermal analysis instruments (DTA, DSC, TMA), material testing system (MTS).

Core Courses

Technical Drawings, Manufacturing Process, Introduction to Materials Sciences, Thermodynamics, Materials Engineering Experiments, Electric Circuit, Strength of Materials, Mechanical Engineering Experiments, Seminar on Journal Readings, Senior Projects


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