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About us

Founded in 1982, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Tatung University offers a fine program that prepares the students to meet the challenges of tomorrow and assume leadership in an ever changing world. To this end, the requisite core courses place equal emphasis on both theoretics of computer science and hands-on training to ensure that students have the necessary breadth of knowledge and skills for their future career. Elective courses such as information and network security, IoT(Internet of Things) application and security, artificial intelligence, computer vision, web programming, computer graphics and animation, embedded systems design, etc. provide additional depth of knowledge from a wide spectrum of fields in computer science.
The mission of the Department is clear: we are here to inspire. Through the synergistic efforts of the faculty and staff, the Department provides a curriculum that aims at cultivating independent thinking, research skills, a desire for continuous learning, and in particular, an ability for applying theoretical findings to engineering applications.
Continuing a history of excellence, the Department strives to promise the students a life that makes a difference, a life that is both enriching and fulfilling when confronted with the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving world.


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been certified by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET), and our goal is to place as much emphasis on theory as on application, which closely follows the current state of industry and future development trend in Taiwan. The curricula cover artificial intelligence, IoT, and information security. Currently, the Department offers three programs in information security, IoT, and artificial intelligence. In addition to requiring thorough understanding of the fundamentals, we especially insist on hands-on practice. Software laboratories are well equipped, and not only basic software courses come with lab experiments, required lab work is also provided for such advanced courses as computer vision, image processing, applications of RFID, IoT application, and embedded systems. The Department also offers a master's program and a doctoral program for the students who would like to further their studies in a specific field of study or area.

Primary Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Machine learning, computer vision, semantic web, and natural language processing
  • IoT (Intelligence of Things)
    IoT application, IoT security, AIoT, and embedded IoT system design.
  • Information Security
    Cryptography, cybersecurity, network security, and digital forensic.

Core Courses

Introduction to computer, Computer programming, Object oriented programming, Data structures, Algorithms, Database systems, Operating systems, Digital electronics, Logical design, Computer organization, Linear algebra, Discrete mathematics, Probability and statistics, Project laboratory.


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