Tuition and Fees

2021-2022 Academic Year

  1. The following tuition fees applies to the academic year 2021. Tuition could be subject to change.

  2. All fees shown are in NTD (New Taiwan Dollars).



Miscellaneous Fee


Dept. of Business Management




Dept. of Information Management

Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages

Dept. of Electrical Engineering




Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

Dept. of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

First-year Engineering Undeclared Program

Dept. of Industrial Design

Dept. of Media Design

Institute of Design Science



1. On-Campus Acommodation Fee(Dehui Dormitory) : NT$12,500/per semeter,International Dormitory: NTD$20,500/per semeter

*The accommodation fees for Summer & Winter breaks will be counted separately. 

2. Student Safety Insurance: NT$285

3. Computer facilities and Internet fees: Students have to pay mandatory computer facilities and Internet fees of NT$1,340 per semester in their first academic year and in the 1st semester of second academic year.

4. Other fees: The Living expense are approximately NT$10,000-NT$15,000 /per month. The payment of textbooks vary depending on different department.  

5. For undergraduate students with extended study, the tuition payments listed below:

  • Students taking 9 credits or less than 9 credits, will be charged NT$1,600 per credit , and NT$500 for the miscellaneous fee.

  • Those taking courses with more than 9 credits will be charged full tuition and miscellaneous fees.

6. For graduate students with extended study, apart from the class of Seminar、Individual studies and Thesis, students taking 9 credits or less than 9 credits, will be charged below:

  • Master program: Tuition fee (calculation: the amount of credit x credit fee ) , Miscellaneous fee: NT$3,200

  • Doctoral program: Tuition fee (calculation: the amount of credit x credit fee ), Miscellaneous fee: NT$4,360

  • Per credit fee for master program and doctoral program: NT$1,600